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At Deer Creek Tax, we believe that tax preparation doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient. And with the use of technology we are able to help more people across the nation.


Our competitive prices and convenient online services make it easy for you to get your taxes done right, without breaking the bank.


Great for Students, Single individuals, Head of Household, Married Couples
$ 125
/ Return
  • E - File
  • W2s - Up to Four
  • Unlimited Dependents
  • 1099 DIV (Unlimited)
  • 1099-INT (unlimited)
  • EIC
  • Retirement
  • Unemployment
  • Social Security (2)
  • One State *


Great for married couples, stock investors and more!
$ 155 / Return
  • Everything Basic
  • Unlimited W2s
  • Brokerage Statement (4)
  • Home Sale
  • Two States and City Return


Great for Self-Employed income or rental property income
$ 215 / Return
  • Everything Premium
  • Self-Employment Income*
  • Rental Property Income*
  • Depreciation
  • Business Use of Home
  • Auto Business Milage
  • More
0 +
Satisfied Customers 99.9%


Additional forms are considered forms that are part of the bundle, but exceed the amount offered in that bundle.

Example: The Basic bundle only offers Four W2s. If the client who qualifies for the basic bundle has 5 W2s, the first Four W2s are part of the bundle, the Fifth W2 would be considered an additional form.

Special forms are forms not listed in a bundle.


  • Itemized Deductions
  • Child care expenses form
  • 1099-Q
  • Brokerage statements (Investments)
  • and others. 

Contact us if you are not sure if your form/document is considered a special form.

Once you find which bundle you match best with, you can simply check which forms are not listed in the bundle.


1. Taxpayer filing as Head of household. Has two dependents who go to childcare and sold a house (1099-S Form) during the tax year. The taxpayer would be considered to choose the “Basic” return. The dependents are part of the bundle, the sale of the house and the dependent care credits are considered special forms.

2. If a student who is single and received one W2 and a 1098-T form from College. The student would be considered to choose the “Basic” bundle.  The only additional form in this case is the 1098-T form for the American Opportunity Tax Credit, or the Life Time Learning Credit. If the same student has brokerage statements (stocks) and virtual currency statements then the student would be charged the brokerage statement as a “special Form”.  

3. If you are married filing joint and have three W2s, three children, you withdrew money from a college savings plan (1099-Q Form) for one of your dependent’s college tuition and you sold a house, you would be consider to choose the “Premium” return. The additional/special form in this case, would be the College saving plan distribution. 

No, we consider Railroad W2, unemployment and retirement as regular forms.

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